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Standard display disappears in EVF

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I have a new X100F and I'm experiencing a behavior that I can't explain. I have my display set up "eye sensor" so that the electronic viewfinder triggers when I put my eye to the viewfinder. So far, so good. But as I look through the viewfinder, the information display shows for about a second, and then it disappears. The standard display continues to show on the LCD screen when I pull the camera away from my eye. 

Is there some setting that I triggered to make the information display disappear? I did a reset and the standard display returned to the viewfinder and stayed there, but today, after a few days of "normal" behavior, and after playing with some settings, the display started disappearing again.

My apologies if I'm describing normal behavior of the viewfinder, but something tells me this isn't right. I'd appreciate any insights!


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While looking through the viewfinder, press "Disp" button that toggles between all possible display modes - one of them is "standard display" that you are seeing now, but the one you need is called "custom".

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