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SD cards for xPro-2

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I have just bought an xPro-2. Any advice on SD cards would be appreciated. I don't do a lot of video but would like to have a reasonably good video capability. 

While pleased with the camera I will have to send it back shortly to Fujifilm UK as I'm getting 'Turn off the camera and turn on again' warning. I've updated to the latest version.

A bit of frustration. But a beautiful camera.

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If you don't need 4K video, the Sandisk Extreme Pro Class10, 95MBs still rule the roost IMO. There have complaints of large capacity cards being slower than more modest cards Apparently the card is read/before while saving and the bigger the card the space has to be read. Anyway, I'd advise 2x 64gb as top end - and they will cost enough! I still use twin 16gb and 32gb which I had from past X bodies and even the smaller capacity is more than I need. Horse racing or motorsports and other action stuff shot at CH will use more. Personally I'm afraid I might take off into the air using CH on the XT2.

Whichever cards you buy - Lexmark, Kingston also good. Make sure the speed advertised is the write speed not the read speed which is what some - at first glance - high speed, large capacity cards quote.

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