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Buying cheap can be expensive


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For 3 of my X bodies, XP1, XT1, XT2 I bought genuine Fuji handgrips. They are very light and compact yet provide an excellent grip. I bought a cheap one for my XE1 and luckily it fits both the camera and my hand quite well. It is double the weight of Fujis though. Having recently bought a bargain XT20 but quickly realised I needed a handgrip because it is 1cm less wide than the XE series so I ordered a cheap model. A picture of it is shown and as you can see there is not enough space to get my fingers between the grip and the lens so I have to splay my fingers apart especially with 23mm f1.4 or larger lens - 90mm, 55-200mm etc. I found a reduced price OEM grip and got that. Pictures show XT20 with no grip, with cheap grip and with Fuji grip. (Note that the gap is actually wider with the Fuji grip than without it.)  Sometimes cheap is expensive.

XT20 without grip.jpg

XT20 with 3rd party grip.jpg

XT20 with Fuji grip.jpg

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