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New to X series, low light question

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Going to Disney and will be doing a lot of night shots, with no flash. I currently have an xt20 with a fuji  27mm lens. I'm looking for another lens preferably a prime lens that will be nice with low light. I'm thinking the 35mm f2 or 50mm f2. Or should I look at getting the kit lens 18-55mm. Any suggestions or opinions?

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I enjoy low light/night photography with my Fuji cameras. My favorite lens is the 23/1.4. I get good images when shooting wide open, but be warned there is a very shallow DOF when shooting that lens wide open. I shoot jpeg/raw and have the camera set to auto ISO "cleaning up" noise in Photoshop. I find that the Fuji cameras are great in low light.

Peachtree St. in Atlanta, GA, last Wednesday night. Fuji X-Pro2/23/1.4 f2.5

FXPR3121 Ptree night.jpg

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17 hours ago, artuk said:

Depends what you want to shoot in "low light".

Night shots mean scenery on a tripod?

Family social photos?

Hand held available light work?

I have always enjoyed the challenge;I got best results underexposing -2EV or thereabouts

according to photometry to keep highlights under control and opening up the shadows

in post, not too advanced for my editing skills.

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Personally I would be tempted to suggest something like the 18-55mm f2.8-4 OSS - specifically for the OSS, which will allow slower shutter speed hand held photographs, and the flexibility of a zoom.  

Fast aperture prime lenses *might* be good in low light, but it depends on what you want to photograph.

If you shoot landscapes or city scapes etc then a fixed prime may not give you the right field of view for every shot.

If you shoot family portraits or groups, a very large aperture may not give you enough depth of field to get everyone focused.

If you want to shoot the Disney fireworks, maybe a wide angle zoom.

For street / reportage work I would recommend something around the FF 50mm equivalent, but perhaps not the 35mm f1.4 as when I used one, the focusing with that lens was not particularly fast as it is externally focusing and has somewhat "old fashioned" (slower) focus motors.

The answer to the question is only possible if knowing the intended uses and scenarios.



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