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I’ve got a spot

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It's a dust spot that probably hasn't been removed by your cleaning.

I do find that some "dust" really gets stuck, I think perhaps the sensor glass becomes warm/hot when in use, which I think may make some substances stick more.

From my own experience with other brand cameras, you just need to clean again, and be "persistent" but careful!  I don't know how you clean - blower brush followed by a surface clean is usually best.  Don't blow (can get moisture drops), and I don't like wet cleaners (too many issues).  I used a "lenspen sensor clear" pen which has a soft tip that can be stroked across the sensor - for stuck on spots, it takes some light pressure and repeated movement across the area to dislodge really stuck on dirt.

Have you checked the rear elements of your lens, inside the mount?  Do you get it with every ones, or only that one?

If it's every lens then the dirt is on the sensor - if it's only 1 lens, its on/in the lens.

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