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Hi all, 

I have two questions for you today.


1. The Fujifilm cameras I use (and love) are the X-T2 & Fujifilm X100F. However, with both I experience the same infuriating issue: hooking up wirelessly with my smartphone. It takes FOREVER, and 50% of the time does not connect at all. It's driving me nuts. 

With my Olympus & Leica, in seconds I'm connected, EVERY TIME. 

Has anyone got the "golden trick" for what sequence to go with hooking up Fujifilm cameras with smartphones? (I've tried starting the smartphone first and then the camera(s) and vice versa , but can't see that that makes any difference...)

BTW, my Smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S8


2. This pertains the X-T2: I have a recurring issue with the card-slot sequencing. I've set the camera up for slot 1 images and 2 film. But the camera constantly switches this around, so I come home with all my images on "card nr 2" and not the one designated in card slot 1. Why is this? I (to my knowledge) have not pressed any buttons to change anything (why would I). This happen to you guys?   FIXED. 


Thanks a lot, stay safe, 

cheers, Ola 

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