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X100 for sale UK

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May I apologise for appearing to make a for sale posting as my first action. I have lurked for years and I thought I had an account but apparently not.

This is the original X100 that started the Fuji retro roll.
About 4 years ago I held one and placed my order the next day. I used it for about 80% of my photographs using my X-Pro for the other 20%. This camera just takes photographs. It takes technically good photographs leaving you to add the creativity. 
The ONLY reason I'm selling is because I bought the X100F - which if you can afford it you should buy, today, now. 
That said I could have used the X100 for another 4 years quite happily. A3+ prints no problem. 
Anyway, the camera comes as pictured here https://www.gumtree.com/p/digital-cameras/fujifilm-x100-the-original/1273145591 (I can't seem to upload images easily so this is quick and easy but you know what you're buying anyway)
The original battery with three third party ones. 
A third party charger as the Fuji one broke. 
Original strap 
All the boxes which are really swish 
A spare screen protector as I made a mess of fitting the original one - as you can see there are bubbles. So you can fit the replacement, I just lived with it. Been fitted from day one. 
Lens and mechanicals are all fine, it just works. 
Up to date firmware 
I will try and find the CD and cable that came with it. 
No real scuffs etc. - at least I can't see any. 
There is some inevitable dust in the optical viewfinder but you can't see it in use 
It was bought as refurbished from Fuji UK which I usually do because then you know a real technician has examined it and you get a better price. 
Any questions just get in touch. 
Ideally we meet and exchange cash but anything is possible. 
Delivery will be extra if by post or courier, but at cost.

I'm hoping to get £300 but you can make an offer.

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