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John Eden

Dropped my X-Pro2

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Hey guys,

something bad happened. I dropped my X-Pro2. Currently everthing seems to be fine but how do I know?

Has this happened to you bevore?

When searching for this all I could find was this:

Hopefully I'll be as lucky as him!



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Haven't watched the video, got my headphone unplugged as it's my "silent hour". Kids asleep.

But I have dropped my X-Pro2 once.
It was on my belt with spider holster thing. One thing I forgot to do, I didn't lock the holster, so when I reached for my pocket, the camera was lifted out of the holster and dropped down to the concrete ground bang on it's bottom.

I picked it up with a remorse and had a quick scan of the body.
I found out the frame where the battery door is, was broken and bent a bit. Enough to get the battery stuck in there.
I carefully pushed it enough so I can take the battery in and out freely and used like that for a while.
Operation was fine. But it kept bugging me.

I made a trip to Fujifilm Service Centre. Had to make it a 2 night trip as it was in different island.
Camera was handed in and quote was sent 2 hours later when I was having a wee photo walk around the city.
Nothing was wrong, but bottom plate replacement was going to cost me 250 dollars.
Since it was way cheaper than I expected, I went ahead.

3 days later, I got my camera back.
It was like almost new and they charged me 189 dollars. Apparently the quote was just an estimate and they managed to do it quicker than expected, so cheaper labour.

I've been in love with Fujifilm since this experience.
Because no camera companies in New Zealand are this quick in service, nor are they as approachable.

I still have and use the same XPro2 after about a year since then, and it never skipped a beat.
Although, I managed to get another scratch on top just below its logo. It's deep it won't come off, but gives that extra character.

I think I will hold on to this camera until it dies now.

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