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Cable Release on X10


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I was looking for a manual cable release for my X10.  I managed to get a Leitz one (designed for Leica).  The only problem is that the thread will on screw in a small amount - has anyone else had this?

It still seems to work, but I'm careful I don't want to damage the internal tread on the shutter button.



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It sounds as if the thread size is slightly different - surprising. However, if it screws in enough -without forcing - to hold it while you use it then it should be fine. Some cable releases screw in too far and may damage the inside, perhaps loosening the shutter release mechanism itself. So I'd prefer yours to one that screws in too far.

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I have a HAMA cable release and it also does not fit 100%.

I now see a FUJI cable release at https://www.kamera-express.be/product/122059598/fujifilm-x-draadontspanner-voor-x-series/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImvqlj-il3QIV7rXtCh1W0QOcEAQYAyABEgJEV_D_BwE

Strange = no product code and not on www,fuji.com.

Has someone experience with this FUJI cable release ?

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Most mechanical cable releases had/have a tapered thread so they fit a range of cameras. They may not feel like a 100% fit but they should do the job. Do not over-tighten, one or two turns should be enough to hold it firm.

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