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Aperture setting with front dial

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I updated my XT2 with the latest firmware version 4.0 and I have the impression that the front dial does not work anymore for setting the aperture. Also in the set-up menu, page button/dial setting, on page 2 the aperture setting can not be changed  anymore. Does somebody faces the same issue or does somebody knows the solution. Many thanks.

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You are correct, I just noticed this after trying out your observation. I never use this feature, but good information to know that others are using the Nikon (and Canon?) style. As a further test,  I did try the 27mm aperture less lens and the front dial does change the aperture. I'm guessing its a bug or an oversight in this release. 

I read somewhere that Fuji may be coming out with a bug fix firmware for the XT2 soon. Perhaps that will fix this. 

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