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Hi -

What are the third party zoom lenses compatible with the xt-2?

Sorry I dont know much about cameras :|

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You can buy adapters for most makes of lens to fit to Fuji cameras. Bear in mind though. You will not have AF and auto exposure will be aperture priority only or full manual. You will need to input the focal length in the menus to have the FL listed in the Exif info. You must also check the item shoot without lens and trun on because there is no communication between the camera and a 3rd party lens.

It can be difficult trying to accurately focus (manually) a long lens. I have used  a prime lens -  Canon FD 300mm + X1.4 TC with the aid of a monopod and squeezing off several frames on CL (continuous low speed) to obtain about 50% hit rate. I find that 135mm is about as long as I can handhold and manually focus without a monopod.

As you are not very conversant with cameras as yet, I strongly suggest you stick with Fuji lenses for now. Checkout Fuji 16-50mm XC and 50--230mm XC or the more expensive 18-55mm XF, and 55-200mm XF lenses from a used source. All have stabilisation. The XC lenses have a smaller max aperture but are still good performers and are much cheaper to buy.

Generally speaking, 3rd party primes are better performers than zooms.

What lenses do you have at present?


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I'll actually give it as a gift. Looking at the price point of the fuji zoom lenses, its pretty high. I was reading through some forums and saw some comments about samyang and rokinon. I'm just not sure what lens model to get

Appreciate the reply!


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