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Batteries for my 'new" X-100s?

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I just picked up a nice x-100s and now I get to shop for the extra goodies. Camera came with one Fuji battery and charger, so adding to that is first on the list. I am sure there have been on after market batteries, but am curious to see what the 'latest' user info and recommendations might be here.

In the past I have used a variety of brands on my DSLR's with no problems of note. I am figuring on picking up one of the combos of maybe 3 more batteries and a second charger.

Any brand suggested? Or to be avoided?


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I finally replaced my first batch of generic 'Power2000' X100 batteries with this set from Wasabi Power: https://www.amazon.com/Wasabi-Power-Battery-Charger-Fujifilm/dp/B005CRHM5C/. They have worked flawlessly so far, 6 months in. The spare charger works great with the original Fujifilm battery as well, and it's more compact. I use them in my X100T.


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As Chris says, go for the proven Wasabi batteries unless you're in Europe in which case the same battery is marketed as Patona.

There have been a few reports recently of these batteries swelling but only a few and they were 3 years old.

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