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Fuji X-100S: CD and Firmware

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I just received my “new” X-100S, purchased on eBay. Great camera in fine condition, but the Fuji CD was not included in the package. So, first off: do I need it? If so, can I download what ever I need there on line? I currently use Photoshop and Lightroom and have downloaded images from SD cards without any problem, but not directly from the camera.

Also: how do I find out the current firmware in this camera? Unless I am missing something – very possible! - there doesn't seem to be anything on the camera's menu about it.



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FW as for all models - Hold Display Back while switching on the camera. Do the same to update the FW and follow instructions.

Get the new FW and all software etc from this page http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/

Make sure no old FW is present on your computer (they all have same prefix and will have a (2) added otherwise. Format card in camera then load FW by click/sliding it across to the card. To upload to camera/lens - put into camera, hold down Display back and  ok the update and wait for it finish. make sure your batt is fully charged. I believe you can download by USB on that model - not sure. Checj the manual available from above webpage.

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