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18-55 2.8/4 Lens Creep

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Hi Fuji Community.

I bought a second hand XE-2. Great wee unit and was absolutely mint. I have used it minimally but find it now has a lens creep. When pointing the lens up to the sky when extended, it slowly retracts and the opposite when I carry over the shoulder it will extend to max zoom......slowly

I wouldnt have thought a short reach zoom like this would have this sort of issue. Anyone else got a problem with theirs?

The only difference to the factory zoom is I have attached a B&W Filter. The lens hood is also attached most of the time.




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I don't use protective filters but even so it should not cause the problem unless unusually heavy - remove the filter and see what happens. Maybe the lens is well used and has been carried with the lens pointing down often or perhaps in the habit of pushing the front of the lens to shorten it to carrying size - I've seen that done. It is a light lens and on the XE2 it should balance almost level hanging from a strap connected to the side lugs (not Peak design from the base). Having said that, how often are you going to be using for long exposures pointing at the sky - stars? Or pointing down?

I don't know if there is a permanent cure for it that won't cost money.

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