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HELP! I can shoot pics but not vid

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What am I doing wrong!?

ive had my xt2 for about a year now and just have been shooting pics of my kids (I’m very much a learner here) I finally went out and got a sd card that can allow me to take vid... I’ve gone to use it today and I’m pressing the shutter button to start vid but nothing is happening ?

What the *beep* am I doing wrong!? 

The only thing that might be an issue is the shutter button is a bit sticky. I’ve given it a clean and it seems fine now. Takes photos fine! 

Someone please help me!!!

kind regards 


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I assume you have the mode dial (top left) turned to movie and have set the frame rate etc in the menus?

You need to say what you have done so far and maybe someone can spot the non-deliberate mistake.

I've recently just taken my first video but used my XT20 as it seemed easier. Lots of stuff on the net.


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Thank you got your help. I have the dial on video and had previously watched one of the videos above so I’m pretty sure I’m not doing anything wrong. I have used the video before and not had a problem with starting the recording. I had a sad card that wasn’t capable of recording 4K video (it would allow me to record for about 10secs and switch off) and a couple of days ago I purchased extreme pro 32gb 95m. Would this have anything to do with it? I’ve tried the old card and that won’t record too! I really have no clue!!


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Best Sandisk card for 4K is Extreme Pro HC II 300MB/s rather than 95MB/s. However that certainly won't stop you shooting HD movies (and if you don't have a 4K screen/TV it's wasted anyway). Just shoot 1080/29.97P in stead of 4K. I have the XT2 but use the XT20 which seems an easier setup. I just set up my XT2 and tried it. Here's my setup for the XT2.



Aah we cross posted. I wonder what the problem was. Anyway, full speed ahead - lets see some results.

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