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newbie to photography - help needed

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I was reading a guide on the x100t and it said that what you see on the lcd is what is captured by the camera.  Is this true? 

I have been experimenting with different aperture settings and shutter speed but when I focus in the capture on the lcd screen looks great however when I click the picture it is mostly dark.  Am I doing something wrong? thanks in advance


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Have you tried setting a fixed aperture like f/5.6 and letting the shutter speed to A?

That mode is commonly called "aperture priority" because the aperture is set and the

shutter speed "floats" as required by the aperture.

That would be a good start to help us help you.

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The screen has auto-gain so it will brighten/darken as necessary to enable you to see the scene and focus. If (as it seems) you are working in manual exposure go into the menu user/screen settings to find "preview WB/exposure in manual mode" and turn it on. This is true wysiwyg (what you see is what you get).

As farrell says - you may want to try either shutter priority where you set the shutter speed (put aperture on A) and camera sets (what it decides is) the correct aperture or aperture priority where you set the aperture (put shutter on A) and camera sets shutter speed. You can still favour more or less exposure via the + - ev dial. Also, even in manual exposure mode where you set aperture and shutter there is still ISO to consider - if you have that set to auto then it too will try to give a correct exposure so for full manual exposure, set that to a given value.

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