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Just bought a X30 Any tips or must have gear?

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I recently bought and X30. I know I’m a couple of years late but so far I love the X30. I have a lot of learning to do and when I get lucky enough on my settings, the camera produces amazing photos. First time shooting with a camera like this also. Coming from a Canon T3 and GoPro. It has everything that I need and don’t need. I love it overall. Only con in opinion is the On/Off mechanism. Could have thought that out different but very unique. 



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A good choice, I've had two now and they're brilliant little cameras.  Get yourself a 40mm UV filter and a pinch clip lenscap (a standard sized 40.5 mm will fit). Stick it on Program mode and then use it.  I've printed canvas prints at 20x15 without any issues 

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