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Latest Thoughts in 16-55?

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If another mint or excellent-plus 16-55/2.8 shows up in KEH's shop, I'd be tempted to swap my 14 and 18-55 for it. I used a 21 on my G2 Contax for years so obviously the 14 provides the same function but the 24 mm length always seemed to work a little better for me when I was working with Nikon and Canon film cameras. Hence my interest in the 16-55, which is as close as I've yet seen to my ideal (and almost mythical) 24-105/2.8 lens. I would add that I don't have the funds to just purchase it or the 16 prime outright, so I'd have to trade.

Latest thoughts and experiences? And I'll add that I am certainly am happy to stick with my current combo for walking around since I have a body for each lens.

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I love the 16-55 f2.8 lens. Everything you read about it being a bagful of primes is true. Obviously you don't get the same extra fast aperture but I've yet to find it comes up short for me. The IQ is really excellent - IMO better than Nikon's equivalent.

The only thing you'll not get which you would with the 16mm f1.4 prime is the ability to focus really close at wide aperture for minimum DoF (and you could  use a close up lens for similar effects.

I kept my 14mm - it is my favourite lens for shooting IR (the 16-55 is also good  hotspot-wise) and it is also my favourite for street, shot blind from waist height close up and cropped as necessary. However, it's unlikely you'll miss the extra 2mm for long

I was a confirmed prime shooter and I have most of the fast Fuji primes but they've become special purpose lenses for when I need much smaller and/or faster lenses. In truth, I should sell them because since getting the 16-55 f2.8 they just don't get used. My 16-55mm f2.8 + 90mm f2 is a dream team take everywhere kit sometimes extended with the 55-200mm.

The size weight might come as a shock when you take it from the box but the weight actually aids stability. I believe that pretty much everyone who has bought or tried the 16-55mm f2.8 has ended up with it glued to their camera.

You'll not regret getting the 16-55mm f2.8.

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I agree with the above. My experience of the 16-55 has been exactly as Vic says. It remains firmly fixed to my X-T2 most of the time.   I've found it every bit as good as the Nikkor 24-70 that it replaced when I changed over from Nikon to Fuji. Now and then I put the 35mm or the 60mm on just for the joy of using small and light lenses with such good performance. 

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