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Some new landscapes

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A couple of views of Tracy Arm and the inner passage from our 40th anniversary Alaskan cruise last month. Also, a couple of views from a hillside above Lake Watauga in upper East Tennessee on the North Carolina border. 14mm and 18-55 for all of these. Still having fun with B&W sliders in Affinity, especially where contrast is next to nothing.

6-11 Tracy Arm Image 2 BW.jpg

6-12 IP Image 7 BW.jpg

6-13 IP Image 1 BW.jpg

Watauga 9.jpg

Watauga 15.jpg

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Thanks. There's something about rendering clouds in B&W that appeals to me as well. I find I just start with the B&W conversion set at the default infrared setting and then start messing around from there. Depending on the inherent contrast - or lack thereof - in an image, the green filter setting can also be an interesting starting point. But basically, I just like messing with the sliders to see what comes out. Shifting most everything from that trip to B&W pulled my fat out of the fire big time - there literally was so little contrast and definition that there were only a couple of situations from an entire week's worth of shooting where I could even consider the images to be "no color" color.

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