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Very good Vic. Great quality and you have captured a 'very colourful' place - in black and white. 

I'm glad you have put the link up as it shows what you have been up to with your camera and what can be achieved. We wouldn't have known this without the link. 

You could start running tours and charging people wanting to learn about street photography.? 

It's pretty quiet around where I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, compared to the colourful neighbourhood you live in. 


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On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 9:04 PM, veejaycee said:

Brixton Buzz, a local South London magazine featured some of my street pics. Brixton is undergoing "regeneration or gentrification" with a subsequent loss of character and characters.


Scroll down for link to large versions.

Well done VJC.

I think Brixton has allegedly been undergoing "gentrification" for about 20 years!  In my opinion the area has had periods of being "better" and "less good" depending on the general economy, politics, and local policing policies.

I like the black and white

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