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X100T and Godox tt305f autofocus weird behavior

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Hello everyone,

today I received my new Godox tt350f.

The flash is working well but I've noticed a weird behavior.

When I shoot with the flash I usually leave it attached to the camera even when I don't need it and I just turn it off.
With this new flash if I do so the autofocus stops working, the camera tries to focus without success and without telling me that ( no red square ) or focuses briefly, I can see the green square for a moment, then it lose the focus immediately. If I put the camera in manual focus and focus with the ael/aef button, everything works fine.

The same flash unit works well on a x100s.

Has anyone experienced a similar behavior?
I haven't  another Fuji-compatible flash to try and with my Canon flash ( in manual mode ) everything works fine.


Best regards,

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Not sure I've understood but:

If you are using the flash unit's infrared focus assist for AF you'll need to have the flash switched on to enable the IR lamp. You may find you need to switch on the camera's IR assist instead in the camera menu.

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