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FUJI X-T3 + Fuji 100-400mm focus question?

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I currently have an X-T2 and did have a Fuji 100-400mm. However, even with the latest firmware upgrades I always had an infuriating focus issue which I never experienced with my Nikon’s. That was that if I was focusing on a distant subject at 400mm and then wanted to capture a bird at a nearer distance the lens could never cope with the switch in distance. It would just hunt and I had to widen the zoom length before it would lock on. By which time the bird had flown! I have never had this on my Nikon 80-400/Sigma 150-600 or Nikon 300mm f4 PE, it just did it.

what can I expect with the X-T3 I wonder, anyone got any thoughts please on whether the T3 will be able to cope with fast distance focus changes?

Thanks in advance.





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I think that is a lens issue rather than the camera unless it's the APS sensor size. I found similar problems but put it down to the near bird being too small get a focus lock on. The XT3 has total PDAF coverage of the sensor which might help but only if the subjects before were appearing outside the central area covered by PDAF on the XT2.

Apart from reminding you that there is a zoom limiter for subjects within 5 metres I can't suggest anything else. The problem of course is that you need to know in advance that a subject will appear within that 5 M zone.

If you are using AFC then perhaps try AFC custom setting #4 (Suddenly appearing subjects). Camera boost mode on too.

I must say that I too have been unsuccessful in capturing even Heron sized birds in flight (using the X1.4 TC).

I'm actually considering swapping my 100-400mm for the 50-140mm + X2.0 TC which is lighter and very sharp from what I've seen.

What I'd really like is a 300mm f4 or 400mm f4.5 with TCs.

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Hi and thanks for the comprehensive reply.

The Fuji's are APS-C sensors. The 5m limiter was never used on my Fuji 100-400mm as all the wildlife was mostly further away. I am assuming that without it everything from closest focus to infinity at 400mm would be achievable as it is with my Nikon's and Sigma lenses. I did use the x1.4 TC, but found it poor unless in the brightest of light as it was just too much to expect at f8 at full zoom. My default AF setting is always AF-C. I use the Nikon D500 and also a 300mm f4 PF + x1.4TC which is a superb lens, but often either too long or too short! I am hoping to sell my Nikon kit if the X-T3 allows me to use the Fuji 100-400mm in most conditions and that must include birds in flight. So I pretty much have the kit you want! Thanks again

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Hi Veejaycee,

 I reckon you will be very disappointed with the 50-140mm + TC combo compared to the 100-400

I have XP2 & XT3 and the 50-140mm and 1.4TC

I also have an 8-year-old Canon T2i (550D) with brilliant Canon 100-400mm IS L II lens

I have native birds coming to my house every day

The Fujis with 196mm equivalent FL *WILL NOT DELIVER FEATHER DETAIL* at distances greater than ten feet - which is pathetic!
However the Canon @ 400mm shows feather detail out to forty feet without any effort at all.

Motto:  50-140mm is a waste of time for birds on a stick so wh spend time shooting it it for BIF

I have not invested in the Fuji 100-400 because wife would ask me why do I need two of those lenses and I would have a hard time answering. There are plenty of people out there producing EXCELLENT photos with the Fuji 100-400 lens.
But I HARDLY EVER see nice bird shots with the 50-140 on my usual forum.

What i do like about the 50-140mm is when I shoot video through it, but that isn't birds. Yes it is very sharp.

If you do go with 50-140, suggest rent it first









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