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Tripod Collars For Telephoto Zooms?

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Has anyone had any luck locating a tripod collar that would fit the 55-200 zoom? I wasn't crazy about the 5-230 I took to Alaska this summer, so it's one of the lenses I just traded towards a 16-55 this week. Then it hit me - half of the issue of sharpness was due to the fact that even with the camera and lens on a tripod - there was a fair amount of vibration just due to the fact that it's the camera that is connected to the tripod - not the lens. And that's the same for the 55-200.

I know the fast telephoto zooms/primes have built-in collars but I was wondering if anyone has located an aftermarket - or another camera brand - that is of the proper inside diameter to work on a 55-200.

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Where on the lens would you fit it? The only available non-tapered area is less than 1cm wide and covers the zoom markings. Perhaps try using it on a tripod with the OIS switched on.  The 55-200mm is heavier than the 50-230mm and metal so maybe it would hold steadier.


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