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XT3 and the XT2 L bracket

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So I'm hoping to have my XT3 next week and while I wait I was looking at those XT2 'L' brackets that have the little extra grip on them and got to wondering if they fit the XT3. 

Has the shape of the grip area on the XT3 changed at all to the XT2

This is the type of bracket.


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The XT3 is almost a fit but about 1 - 2 mm too long for the base part of the XT2 (Fuji) brackets. It may be forced but will likely damage the finish. If - with the (non-Fuji) bracket above - the camera sits on rather than in the base then you may be lucky especially if you loosen the vertical bracket to fit the base and then tighten the end part.

It really is poor service that Fuji makes users buy new brackets when I'm sure they could have shaved a mm or so off the base.

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