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Am I mad using a camera phone?

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Recently I had an article published on the DearSusan photography website, where I discussed using an inexpensive phone as a camera whilst travelling in Singapore and Thailand.

I discuss the user experience of a phone instead of a "proper" camera, and how it actually influenced my creativity and satisfaction in a positive way.

Do take a look at the article and leave a comment with your thoughts.

DearSusan: Am I going mad, using an inexpensive camera phone?



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Very interesting article.

As to the title question, the correct answer as I see it is no.

The most-used camera type on the planet is just a cellular phone accessory, but the composition skills of the user will

still prevail even given the "you must be kidding" sensor size.

I personally dislike the e28 focal length, but is not hard for me to understand why it is the standard for the device type,

which so often is used in the "short shooting distance" environment.


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