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Should I change to another brand?

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Hi, all. I'm a new Fujifilm user and my camera is Fujfiilm X-A5 which I just bought it yesterday.  There's a lot of budget camera under $1000 but rare to find X-A5 to be part of best camera. Do you think this camera can compete with other brand like Sony A5100 or Olympus pen or Lumix DMC-G7? 

The reason I'm asking this because my friend change from Fujifilm to Sony right away after 3 days she bought the camera. I'm shocked and I thought maybe if anyone can tell me that this camera is better than the other budget camera, that would be a great help. Because the more I see it, the more I want to change this camera, or is it just me?

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We all know Fuji is better but what do you want or expect us to say? The XA5 is pretty close to bottom of the range so there's a long way to go to the top. Even so it is an excellent camera - whether it is right for you, only you can judge.

Don't fret over techs - like Farrell says, go out and shoot.

If you want to ask more specific questions that's fine - meanwhile checkout the XT100 (like XA5 but better and with evf) and XT20 and XE3 - these all have viewfinders as well as tilt screens (not XE3?). Lots of stuff on the net about them but don't go worrying about other people's personal preferences. Fuji don't make a poor camera but you could say the same about other makes too.

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