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X-T3: slow automatic shutter speed + video noise on smartphone

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My new X-T3 has two issues:

- the automatic shutter speed is low, during a bright day outside it uses 1/125. Inside but not dark it uses 1/30. Sometimes it uses 1/1000 outside, but with an abnormal high ISO (4000). With my former camera (micro 4/3) the SS was a lot higher. My max ISO is 6400.

- when I transfer video's to my smartphone (Oneplus 5T) there only is a bad noise and no recorded sound. Only in the VLC-app it works.

Does anyone know if this is normal or how I can solve these issues? Thanks in advance.

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The size of the sensor makes no difference. The exposure is the exposure is the exposure. I'm no sure what you don't understand.

There is a very, very slight difference in these 2 exposure readings.

1. Fuji ISO is reckoned to read slightly below some other meter systems. There is no actual standard and various systems will use various ISO standards but they are all close.

2. You have an aperture of f1.7 on the phone which is 1/2 stop faster than that of the Fuji lens (allows 50% more light in) so with a smaller aperture the camera uses a longer shutter speed (X 150%) to give the same exposure.

Whatever camera or phone (why on earth do you compare with a phone?) you use, the actual light level remains the same.

A short explanation here: http://www.shortcourses.com/use/using1-10.html

There are a great many websites that will explain the difference. You could use your camera (forget about comparison to the phone) by setting the camera to aperture priority and changing the aperture while watching the shutter speed change through the viewfinder.

The smaller sensor on the phone will give a much deeper depth of field - depth of sharpness if you like from front to back. A full frame sensor like a big DSLR has will give a very narrow depth of field at f2. An APS sensor like Fuji will give more depth of field (about twice as much) and an M4/3 (Olympus) will give twice as much again as the Fuji. A small phone sensor even more which without software help will lack any separation between the subject and the background.

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Thanks for your answer. I am not comparing with my phone, that's a different issue I have with transferred video. If you know why this happens, please let me know.

I'm comparing with a micro 4/3 Panasonic LX100. But your point on exposure is the same and I understand. Sensor size doesn't (directly) matter.

I'm still disappointed with the automatic SS, too much unsharp people when taking pictures inside. Thanks for your elaborate respons.

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Hi D, The light level must be fairly low for these numbers ...

One far-out idea, the lens EXIF reports F2 but there is a problem with the shutter and it takes the photo at f16. Or something weird.


In the menus, select AUTO ISO 1 range which (for me) defaults to range ISO 160 thru 800
That'll stop the ISO 4000 which should not be happening.
And/or manually set ISO with ISO wheel. Then shoot and check that EXIF matches what you set.

If there is still something weird, do a full camera reset, look under User->Settings


re photographing people inside, your XT3 box (doin't throw it away!) contains an XE8 mini-flash.
It has no batteries but is powered by the camera, so you can only squeeze off a few shots between recharging delay, but you need flash for indoor portraits. Even a f1.4 lens produces terrible gloomy portraits indoors in the absence of natural light.

Re the video, XT3 makes BEAUTIFUL video. But if you have an old laptop, that might struggle to play 4K video

Good luck



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