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Leon S

Overexposure on a X-T10

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Hoping someone can help me - I have a problem with my XT10 

It is overexposing on the shot - I have exposure preview on and it look fine pre shot, my exposure compensation is set to zero, and this happens wheather I'm in manual exposure or auto

The histogram preshot looks perfectly exposed, but then on the shot taken it's way over to the right, yet the shutter speed, iso, appature and exposure compensation haven't changed,  

You can see in the attached gif what's happening - preview to shot is completely different

Can't work out what's going on - As you can see the camera is relatively beat up and I have dropped the camera recently onto concrete (although it was working okay after that), is it possible that something internal has been knocked.  

Also the video mode works fine - no overexposure there, also it's not the lens as I have two other cameras and swap lens around. 

This is my third camera (second spare) and not worth getting repaired, but if anyone has some ideas I love to try them, failing that I'm thinking of taking it apart and see what's going on inside - at tips of what I should be looking for inside would be great as well. 

Exposure dial at zero manual exp.jpg

Preshot preview looks fine.jpg

Pre shot histogram is fine.jpg

Exposed image overexposed.jpg

Final shot - the histogram has changed but the setting have not

Settings unchanged but histogram changed.jpg

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