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X-10 vs. X-30?

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X-10 vs. X-30?

For years my 'carry around' camera was an X-10. My travel outfit was a pair of them and I have always been happy with the results. A couple of years ago one of then finally gave out. I tried replacing it with an X-100s, but after a year, I still don't feel comfortable with that camera and I will probably end up selling it.

Anyway, my current “problem” is whether to pick up another X-10 (so I have a back-up camera for travel) or to try an X-30. Seems I get the same lens and same sensor either way and the X-30 is a bit larger and most listings are a few bucks more than for the X-10.

If anyone has owned and used both, your suggestions would be most appreciated.


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I had an X-10 and loved it except for the inaccurate optical viewfinder, so I upgraded to an X-30 with its EVF -- much better. A few years ago I sold the X-30 and came to regret it. A great little camera.

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