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X-100S Plus Lots of Goodies!

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Reluctantly, I am selling my Fuji X-100S.  I bought it with great hopes, mostly because it was styled like the Leicas I used for decades.  I agreed with all the reviews: the lens is spectacular and the X-100S design and construction are over the top.  Sad part: despite all that, I somehow never really used it much. So now I am offering it here together with some custom accessories. 

So about the deal:

First off, the camera it self is in immaculate condition.  No dings or scratches, lens protected by a top quality filter (B+W Brand), and a screen protector on the LCD Screen.  In addition to the filter and screen protector, the following is included:

Filter Holder and Vented Lens Shade

-         2 Battery Chargers (One Fuji, One After-market)

-         4 Batteries (One Fuji, 3 After-market)

-          Computer Connecting Cord

-         Original Owner's Manual

-         SQUARETRADE WARRENTY with over a year of coverage.

-         You also get the Original Fuji Lens Cap and Retaining Ring that nobody ever uses, but there they are.


I am also a hopeless gadgeteer and I have added a few custom features to this package:

         CUSTOM BRAIDED NYLON PARACORD NECK STRAP: perfect size and design for this camera, very comfortable.  I removed it from the camera for these photos since I could not get it to look right otherwise!

         CUSTOM GRIP: I fabricated this myself because there is nothing on the market that really fits this camera correctly.  This provides a positive non-slip grip while allowing easy access to camera controls.  The photo is a 'selfie' of me holding it and really doesn't do justice to how comfortable it is.  It is made from aluminum, brass and wood with textured rubber padding.

         MODIFIED THUMB REST – OK, I started with a stock 'no-name' thumb rest that fit, but like many others out there, it put much too much strain on the hot shew.  I added a brass shim spacer that take virtually all the strain off that connection and makes for an even more solid grip.

These are actual un-Photoshopped photos of the camera and accessories  offered here,  not stock shots or anything copied from another source.

Price: $550 - including shipping to Continental USA.

Location: New York City







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