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Jack Lance

Fuji XT10 Lens Mount? F0 Problem

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I have had my XT10 since Mar 2016, have two lens which I swap round on a fairly regulat basis. I do take  a lot of photos, but the camera & lens are well looked after/protected from bumps, dust & wet

In Nov last year the SD card slot failed i.e. could not click in a flash card. The camera was sent back to Fuji for out of warranty paid repair.

The first time I changed the lens when it came back the camera would not shoot. I played in the settings menu & after 20 minutes, got the camera working again

All well for two months then F0 will not focus problem after a lens swap. Again after much fettling of settings got it working again. I thought switching on & off the MF, into & out of viewing flash on/flash off eventually got rid of the F0, & coulkd live with this but another time the fault just would not clear.

Now shooting fine but am afraid to change the lens as I fear the return of F0

Fuji suggest the lens mount on the camera body is at fault. I wonder if it is NOT a mechanical/physical faukt with the mount but a system/firmware[?] issue. The contacts on body & lens appear immaculate & the lens click in nicely & appear to be perfectly seated with no play

Might Fuji have changed some system/firmware/settings to cause these symptoms?

I currently have lost confidence in this camera. Twice I have needed the extra reach of the 55-200mm [to get right into a Portsmouth harbour sunset, the first time, & this week to get faces of seals on a half term trip to Norfolk]

After nearly three years of heavy use is it realistic that I have worn out my camera?

Do you think this is a mechanical problem with the lens mount?

Or a system/settings/firmware problem?

Fuji have sent me packaging to repair the current problem, under guarantee of the recent flash card slot repair, but I do not feel comfortable that it actually is a body mount issue

Any thoughts gratefully accepted


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The camera is quite old - not that it should stop working but these are mini computers so i guess we can't expect everything to work forever. I think you've checked the right things - contacts etc but maybe the problem lies further up the chain of camera communications which still deals with the aperture setting. Of course it could the same thing but within the lens - or is it more than one lens?

If the new (free) repair is not successful (or even if it is) I can only suggest you relegate this body to backup and buy an XT20 (since you are happy with the handling of the XT10). The XT20 is a huge step up - virtually 90% of the features of the XT2 without the size/weight. Prices of the XT20 have dropped (because the XT2 price has dropped) and will drop further with the arrival of the XT30.

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