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Sales perk unusual in my experience

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Adorama and B&H Photo have pretty much driven other American dealers into relative obscurity.

Checking both for deals on a $1,000 US item. I saw that B&H offered free next day delivery in the US

for that lens product line only.

I ordered the item and confirmation estimated delivery as tomorrow by close of business. 

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1 hour ago, veejaycee said:

Let us know what you ordered - and if it comes.

I didn't say the name because it's not Fuji.

It is a 24-70mm Nikon f/4 for Z.  I have the 50/1.8.

Fedex tracking calls for delivery by 3 pm tomorrow  Mar 21.




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That would be very unusual here, least of all free.

I was surprised to see B&H offering free next day delivery in US while Adorama did not.

That was the deal-maker for me; even being aware of B&H's reputation I had never bought from them before.

Adorama may not count on being my "vendor of record" anymore.

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On 3/20/2019 at 4:47 PM, veejaycee said:

Wash your mouth out! 😀 Is the Z any good?


Thanks for asking.

Now that I've had some time to play with the 24-70mm f/4 Nikkor S, I'm amazed and happy to report that it must be

seen to be believed.

It is so incredibly good over its entire zoom range it makes the 50/1.8 redundant unless the user needs the speed.

I took published reports of its performance with quite a bit of salt;they were NOT kidding! 

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