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Weird focus range indication on XT10 with XF lens

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Reposting within correct section: Is there a known issue with XF zoom lenses and focus range indication on XT10? I have three lenses and two of them, XF zooms, (12-24 and 16-55) give really strange readings to the focus range bar at the bottom of the viewfinder, too narrow range even with wide angles and aperture closed down. The other lens is a prime and is doing fine. I am wary of upgrading the firmware on that older camera just for the sake of it, but if this is what will fix this, I guess I will have to. Thank you.

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It makes sense to keep all your cameras/lenses up to date with new FW.

The older bodies have poor distance and DoF displays and cannot be trusted. I don't even fully trust my newer bodies but I do trust my clutched lenses whose barrels have distance/DoF scales imprinted.

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