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File numbering and new camera folder

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Hi Guy's, I am just new to Fuji and dare I say it on my old Sony A7 I was able to create a new folder for storing images. On My X-T2 the file numbering has got to 004 and each new day all the images are going into this folder which is a mess and this is on both RAW and JPEG files in slots 1&2. Can any of you please suggest what I might have done wrong or how to reset the numbering so each day the images go into a new folder location in the camera.

I have not deleted any files from the card using the computer, I use a card reader direct to the computer.


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I don't know if it will help you but I use Faststone Image viewer (free but donate) to download my pictures. A new folder is automatically created for each day and each download retaining the download date and the file date. I zip through the jpgs and weed out any rubbish including the raw copies (easier to cull on a large screen). I then use the Edit - "Edit in external hardware" option  to open in Iridient X Transformer (depending on the image) and/or direct edit in LR. I find it easier to keep track of my files that way although there will always be a file or two that needs to be removed from within LR. vers 7 out now  https://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm 

BTW you can set (in setup menu) - choose sequential or backup and switch the slots around.

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