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Expect a warranty on new FujiFilm equipment... be careful!

Brian Hibbert

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Brian Hibbert
Be very careful!  
I purchased an X-Mount lens in the USA whilst traveling.  I live in The Philippines.  When I returned home the lens would not work.  I contacted FujiFilm and they instructed me to bring the lens to their service center in Manila.  4 days later I get a call that informed that the mount assembly was faulty (remember this was still brand new in the packaging) and was probably a manufacturing issue.  The repair would cost xxxxxxx.  I asked "Why would the repair cost anything?  This is new, in the box."  The answer, they will only honor a warranty on Fujifilm equipment if the equipment is purchased and submitted for repair in the same country.  
It seems incredible that FujiFilm as a global company, sell and position their products globally. But will only warranty equipment when it is purchased in the Philippines. Equipment is all manufactured in a single location, distributed globally but only warranted locally.
My brand new lens, purchased whilst traveling in the USA, was faulty out of the box. Yet I am now having to pay to get a factory defect repaired. 
I have no choice but hope others reading this post become aware and make their purchasing decisions appropriately with this knowledge.
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