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When Luminar was first suggested as an editing suite, it was mooted it'd be a once only price, and Luminar 3 was a 'free' upgrade.


I notice Luminar 4 is expected, probably to take over from Luminar 3 - but at an upgrade cost. Hope it's worth it!

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The short answer is it might. 

I am still using the 2018 version.  I recently did some work on a photo for printing at poster size using Lightroom. I wasn't happy with the results. 

I re-did it using Luminar. It only took a few minutes compared with the Lightroom complexities. and the suggested categories of Luminar at the bottom of the page were good. The result was clearer, less noise and better colour which reflected the picture on a hot day at the beach. Adjusting the various options was also quicker and easier to perform. 389474688_BarwonHeadsLuminarversionsmaller2.thumb.jpg.2e02dc1c8d9b22c54115569c8230275c.jpg

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Thanks Rob.

I still have to use Luminar or Luminar 2018 for my XE-1 RAW files - especially IR ones. Luminar 3 doesn't recognise them! Maybe L4 will, but we shall see.

I tend to use Capture One (Fuji Express) for IR white balance, first.

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