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How do I lock the focus box in the centre of the field?

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I've always focussed cameras by having a fixed (locked) focus box at the centre of the field of view, then pointing the camera so that the object on which I want to focus is in the (centred) focus box, then half-pressing the shutter, and finally (with the shutter still half-pressed), moving the camera to compose the photo as probably the object used for focus (lots of structure) is not wanted in the centre of the FoV.  But on the settings I seem to have on the XT30, the focus box moves all over the place with a mind of its own!   I just want to lock it to the centre of the FoV ... but I can't see how to do this!  Can someone tell me what setting I need to make please?   (I bought this camera because t has so many "retro" features, but it seems I can't entirely ignore the horrible digital interface .... they need Apple engineers to sort it out and make it more intuitive.)   Thanks for your help ... it has to be some simple setting.

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As far as I am aware, that isn't possible.

This being said, I used to be just like you: have the focus point in the middle, focus and then recompose. However, since I own an X-T3 I have changed my ways. It's very easy to move the focus point (you can even use the screen if you don't like the lever), the accuracyis the same on the outer parts of your screen as in the middle, so I just adapted my ways. Never looked back.

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