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Hi. I'm a newbie and took advice from a book  to save to both RAW and JPG on my XT3. I'm finding the JPG files, compared to the RAW files, are overexposed. Is this a camera setting issue. If so, can anyone direct me as to where to find the settings that are causing this discrepancy. Thanks...

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Excellent camera and you will have loads of fun. As a newbie it will all be rather daunting and frustrating, so what I tend to tell newbies is to start simple and build up. First steps, set the camera to auto everything (aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO). Secondly forget Raw for now. Once you master the basics you can start to explore that area, for now lets just get some pics you can look at end enjoy

With the camera in Auto, you should be able to take pics that are pretty well exposed (assuming you have not changed any other settings in the menu), if they are not then you need to reset the basic settings.  Also check that you have not moved the exposure compensator by mistake 

Once your Jpegs are  coming out fine, next explore the film simulations. Great fun and you can keep the camera on auto and just change the film simulations to get a massive variety of good pics

Once you are familiar with the camera in auto start to explore how the focus works, how you can move the point about to focus on one point or another. How does face detection work.

Now you have that sussed, the next step is to explore Aperture settings. Take the Aperture out of auto and start to change it. Notice how the speed changes to compensate, or the ISO changes, or both. 

Then do similar with Speed, then explore ISO. by the time you have finished you will know your camera well and your Jpegs will look amazing. At that point start to look at RAW

Incidentally, I shoot 90% of my pics in Jpeg. I only use Raw as a backup for the odd shots that need a better tweak. Fuji raw are hard to beat and I prefer to take pics with limited editing rather than a few pics and hours editing. And dont be afraid of auto. Unless you are after a specific effect (depth of field, blur water whatever) you can take a lot of pics in auto and they will look great, I use auto a lot



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