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Good case for Fuji X cameras

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When my wife and I each got Fuji X-T2 cameras, we went in search of a protective case that also looked cool. I looked online at all of the camera sources as well as a local camera shop.

What we found were either cheap styrofoam cases that are clumsy to use or cheap leather or synthetic leather. Somewhere along the line I learned of Kaza-Deluxe, a small company that custom crafts cases, straps, and accessories for Fuji X camera. So, we ordered two... and have been extremely pleased. The Kaza half-cases are really all we need to protect our X-T2 cameras.  They are beautifully crafted in leather.

Let me share something that happened.

While on a photography tour of the magnificent region of northeast Arizona in January 2018 with a relative, my toe caught the edge of a rock, and I went down. My Fuji X-T2 was in my left hand and hit the rocks on which I was standing first. I suffered a scrapped forehead, elbow, and both knees. Yeah, I hurt. But there was no damage to my camera or its lens but for a tiny bit of red rock dust on the bottom of the case that I brushed off after getting first-aid for my own injuries.

I have acquired a second Fuji X-T2 body... and, the first thing I did was to place an order with Kaza-Deluxe for another half-case. The cost is reasonable, and I know from experience that there's no excuse for not having a quality case to protect my investment in cameras.

Check out: https://kaza-deluxe.com/shop/

David Henderson

Arlington, VA


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I can see why you have recommended them. The protection they offer is excellent and they do look really good. 

I've added the website to my favourites under 'camera gear'. 

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I'm pretty sure I had one of those on my X-E1. Liked it a lot. I haven't gotten anything for the X-T1 as I like the way it handles with just the added vertical grip.

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