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馃檪 On my fuji X100f using the ovf. When I focus on a subject the focus point and square shift positions. Is this due to parallax and if so when I shift to the new position in the viewfinder will my original focus point still be in focus? Have a new x100f and trying to learn. Thanks for any help


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Not sure why you weren't able to get a response, but you are correct with your assumption that the second square is a correction for parallax error and that adjusting your composition will result in an image that is in focus.

The best way to check this as you get used to using the OVF聽is to turn on the EVF preview by pressing left on the front control lever to get a smaller OVF window in the right corner of your viewfinder. You can then press the rear command dial to zoom that little window in to check focus on your focus frame.聽

Hope this helps! Here are a couple of useful articles for you with regards to the OVF:



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Since long i have tried to understand the meaning of聽the "box 2" in my OVF..

Dear cbrwng, many thanks for your聽elucidation ! 聽i now understand.

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