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Fujifilm X-A2: shutter button doesn't work

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I have a X-A2 with a Minolta 50mm f1.7 with an adapter on it.

I can't release the shutter button, the camera won't take a photo.

When pressing the button, the green indicator light is blinking as usual when you take a picture. In the menu I have set " Shoot Without Lens" to "On". I am able to take videos, because for that I have to press another button. Furthermore I have tried every mode on the dial. Sadly I don't have an original (expensive) X-Mount lenses so i can't try these out.

Update: I have even tried the self timer and it did not work either, so maybe its not the shutter button...

I will be happy with any answer I am getting, so thank you a lot in advance!



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