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XT-3 Image Stabilization not working in "Shooting Only" Mode

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When IS Mode is set to continuous in my XT-3 I can see in the EV that the IS is working properly with all my IS lenses as it kicks in, however when I set the IS Mode to "Shooting Only" I do not see the image stabilized through the viewfinder. This is the case with all my IS lenses. Am I missing a setting somewhere of is this a defect in the XT-3? Yes-the IS switch is "ON" on the lens

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OK - I found the solution. The camera has to be set to AF-C (continuous focus mode - hard switch) in order for the half-press on the shutter button to activate the IS. See this link: https://www.fujix-forum.com/threads/ibis-on-shooting-only-or-continuous-for-stills.78463/

Strange!! Why not have the IS linked to the half-shutter press full-time to save battery life when shooting with single AT?

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