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XT2 and XT3 accessories

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Just bought an XT3 to replace my XT2

There are lots of similarities across the two cameras

Will the case from my XT2 fit my XT3 ?

Is the XT2 Vertical Power Booster grip compatible with the XT3 ?

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XT3 has arrived

The case fits but the Fiji have moved the strap mounting lugs up 5mm on the 3. The press button straps that clip around the lugs need to be slightly longer or a suitable clip fitted on the camera strap or lugs that will accept the press button straps.

the VPB for the 3 has one ident/locating pin adjacent to the multi pin male socket that is in a different position to that on the 2. Its not rocket science to reposition it but one will need or have access to a precision X-Y table drill. The most difficult task will be finding the correct way to disassemble the VPB case

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