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X-T3, images are recorded on both SD cards

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I have an X-T3 camera but assume that this may also apply to X-T4 cameras. I have gone into Set-up menu/ Save Data Setup/Card Slot Setting (Still Image) and have chosen RAW / JPEG.

In practice I find that an image taken is recorded on Both cards. I believe that with this setting, RAW / JPEG that JPEG images would save to Card 2 and RAW would save on card1.

Question: why are my JPEG images being saved to Both Card 2 and Card 1?

Same thing happens when I set Sequential! Any one having this problem?  Any suggestions?  Astechman

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Photo Shooter

That was the only thing I could think of. As you say with RAW+jpeg set it should record RAW to one card and Jpeg to the other. I have never tried it as I usually only shoot RAW and when I do shoot RAW+Jpeg it is only a couple of shots so I leave the setting on Sequential. I might try RAW+Jpeg next time I have the X-T3 out and see what happens.

I also never shoot video.

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