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Fuji X100 Self-Portrait Group

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I've been working on building this Flickr group for a few weeks now, but I thought it would be fun to finally share it with the community. The Fuji X100 Self-portraits group is a place to add your Flickr photos that feature you and your FinePix X100 in a reflected self portrait.

My Fuji X100 Test Self portrait DSCF0270 DSCF0242 Auto-portrait avec le X100 Part of Bangkok ; Fuji X100 IchKamera X100 in hand retrogeekery testx100_9 antique shop reflection Self portrait Essai Flashs Déportés avec Fuji X100 Elevator Selfportrait 5698800176_8b4d83ca81_s.jpg Selfportrait DSCF0268 The man in the mirror with shutter release cable... Self-portrait with Fuji X100 Fuji X100, my new toy Self Portrait I'm in Love. Anish Kapoor mirror <2> Day 200 (!) The obligatory self portrait in the mirror x100_DSCF5058 FUJI X100 AND ME This babe is a beast X100 Self Portrait With Grain and All FUJI-1-2

We've probably all been tempted at one point to shoot a self portrait with our new X100's, it's a great looking camera after all!

Check out this fun collection of fellow Fuji X100 photographers at http://www.flickr.com/groups/x100portraits/

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