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How to sync multiple Fuji X bodies using timecode?

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Where can I find info on how to accurately sync 2-3 Fuji (X-T3 or 4) bodies using timecode? The manual is very basic. And I can't find any sources of information on this topic. For example, if shooting a wedding with 2-3 bodies, how do you ensure the internal timecodes are perfectly in sync?  Thanks.

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Photo Shooter

I have never heard of that being done on a Fuji camera I doubt that they have the ability to sync time because there does not appear to be the ability to get a time setting from an external source such as a smartphone. I would have thought that if you are using 2-3 bodies for stills you could manually set the times so they are close enough but I can see it being a possible issue for video.

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Think you will syncing software. Been a few years since I worked with any. Things likely have changed. synch software will analyze the audio from each clip and adjust the time line so all are synched. Very processing intensive. Only way I think to do a good job without a lot of planning. the cheap way is to have a sound that would be heard on all cameras and synch at that point. Such as a singer doing a single clap before starting to sing, but that does not work on existing footage.

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