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X100V Charging Questions: Ambiguous instructions?

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I just bought an X100V and  want to charge it.  As Fuji did not include a charger with their expensive camera (!), I ordered one off Amazon.

Until it gets here, I know I have the option of charging it via a computer USB cable, but the instructions are unclear.

The instructions say you cannot charge an X100V  from a USB hub (WHY?) and also this:

USB charging is available with computers with a manufacturer-approved operating system and USB interface.

What is a "manufacturer approved operating system?"  I would call and ask Fuji these questions, but I couldn't find a phone contact number.

Any ideas what these instructions ( computers with a manufacturer-approved operating system and USB interface) refer to?  Any idea why you cannot use a USB Hub?

I would be charging it from a 4 year old Imac.

Thanks for your help.

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