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My camera behaved weirdly when I removed the lens cap while it was turned on, is it a bad practice?

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Hey guys!

I’m new to the Fuji family and recently got my hands on a X100V.

As a newbie photographer, I removed the lens cap while the camera was turned on. The screen started blinking in black and white and the shutter(?) was closed/didn’t open as I tried to take a picture.

i quickly turned the camera off and on again and it worked as usual.

Is removing the lens cap while the camera is on bad, could it somehow damage the camera? It was just a bit scary as it’s brand new.

Thank you!

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Photo Shooter

Maybe what you were seeing is what is called "blinkies" when the preview image on the LCD is blinking in areas that are overexposed. Taking the lens cap off or putting it on with the camera turned on will cause no damage.

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