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X10 zoom ring mechanically blocked. Can't turn X10 on

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The post I replied to was not about customer service if you actually bothered to read it. I was a join to rant post by a person who borrowed a camera and had an issue with it. Shit happens as they say. If the poster had complained about poor customer service your post may well have made some sense but they didn't all they said they hoped Fuji would help without giving any information about what they had done or what Fujis actual response was. Their post was simply a rant saying Fuji make rubbish cameras and all I did was point out that their beloved Canon brand also has QC problems in way more expensive cameras and also Canons major competitor has similar problems in their area.

FWIW Nikons handling of both issues I mentioned was appalling and should be a text book study on how not to handle customer service and I don't think Canons handling of the initial problems with the 1D MkIII was much better.

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I had the same problem with my X10. I sent it to customer service. They charged me 400 euros to fix it!

I bought it second hand 1 year ago and I didn't have the receipt anymore... but that's a lot he... I think some sand got in the lens when I was in the desert.

I will get a new one in stead (and put the receipt in a safe), but very sad that this happened.

Oh and now they charge me 25 euros to send it back to me broken...

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Word of warning to all you X10 owners: Something to watch out for when you're threading on a filter or hood to the front of the lens. Be very careful not to over tighten it because this can cause the outer sleeve of the telephoto lens to come unscrewed. This is because the outer sleeve of the lens barrel is attached to the front of the lens but with an anticlockwise thread. Simply by tightening a filter or hood onto the front of the lens can undo the sleeve. And as I found out to my cost, can create all sorts of problems with the telephoto mechanisms which, in my case, has ended up with a repair bill of over £300. ( The lens became stuck on it's 112mm setting and wouldn't retract back into the body of the camera. )

Also of some interest is that when fujifilm sent me the ' estimate' for repair, they never included a breakdown of what they ' estimated' the problem to be! ( At this very moment I'm awaiting a breakdown of this cost. ) When I take my car into a garage they give me a breakdown of what they know or think is the problem along with an estimate of what it will cost me. Fujifilm repair centre seem to think that this isn't necessary or that we're all to dumb to understand the workings of a camera.

The camera was in perfect working order but to think that the unscrewing of the outer sleeve could be responsible for such a hefty repair bill is difficult to accept. They are also very quick to offer me a trade in for a new X20 model.

I've asked for a breakdown of the damage and await their reply.

Thanks Paul Mattock Saw your comment, and just fixed it myself!! Saved camera! Slowly retighten zoom lens and now working. Cheers!

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I am having the same issue with my X20. NO IMPACT. I just turned it on one day and it won't turn off. Customer service is useless and basically implied I did something awful to the camera. Sending it in to see what they say with very little hope. I am going back to my Canon. Not sure why I switched to begin with. :(

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I pulled my Fujifilm X10 out of storage recently and had the same issue. At first it would only power on and go between 28mm and 35mm, but now it is jammed at 35mm and won't turn off. I never dropped the camera and have always been careful with it. I've written to Fuji North America to ask what my options are but I assume the repair will cost more than buying a new camera. It's doubly unfortunate that the on/off switch is built into the lens rotation, otherwise I would just keep it and use it as a fixed focal length camera since 35mm would still make it decent for street photography. 

I really like the size and functionality of the X10/X20 and briefly considered buying a used or refurbished one but clearly there is a design flaw in this lens assembly so any replacement I got would most likely have the same problem eventually. 


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