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Disassembling an X-pro1

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I cried! What the (!!!) is he doing? $1700 must not be very much money in some parts of the world. I guess it's fun to have lived vicariously through this event and now to be certain NEVER to try this at home! I'm still in shock...

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Oh wow. I was always wondering whether there was any empty space inside XPro just to get it to be the same-ish size as Leica. And it looks like nope! It's filled with parts and electronics to the brim

Google translate says this about "why" they were doing it :)

"To implement our tests MTF, we need grafts lens board and the electronic contacts present on cameras where the optics to be tested are intended ...

for obtaining it becomes necessary to remove cameras until it reaches the parts indispensable to us ...

today we decided to test MTF optical system for Fujifilm ...

the sacrifice of a Fuji X-Pro1, Unfortunately, new and working, it has become necessary."


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